Colloidal Ionic Silver
$10 + $10 courier in NZ plus GST
(& Zinc Compound coming soon)
Colloidal Ionic Silver
International Parcel about 10 days
USD$7 + USD$18 shipping plus Tax
(& Zinc Compound coming soon)

500ml bottles, for studying invitro effectiveness on common viruses, like Corona virus, Measles, Flu, Cold virus.
Also, zinc efficacy against viruses

I've found, over a number of years, Colloidal Ionic Silver reduces the severity of the common cold, when only taken for a week or two. (There are minor concerns if taken regularly). Colloidal Zinc remains to be a proven mitigator of viruses (the above referenced NIH article looks promising), but perhaps Colloidal Zinc compounded with Colloidal Silver will mitigate the Corona virus - as suggested in a youtube video ? With Colloidal Ionic Silver, results have wide acceptance in some circles. It's well worth studying invitro Colloidal Silver/Zinc compound, if it might save lives. Antiseptic silver cream is used in hospitals.
With Corona virus immunisation still months away, what have we got to lose ?


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